Corporate Magicians

Organizations hold exhibitions, seminars and market business meeting to launch their new product or to promote their existing products. These promotional gatherings normally end up with some kind of functions. Sometimes these organizations arrange some artistic activity inviting a famous celebrity from entertainment world to transform the mood of the gathering from dryness to felicity. The artist may be a famous actor from film/theatre or any prominent player of a popular game.

Qualified Corporate Magician for your event

Another good option is to offer the show invitation to a modern trade show magician or corporate magician. Corporate magician is one special person who qualifies to talk and perform tricks somehow related to the product.

It is not an easy task since we all know that business meetings, seminars and exhibitions are one dimensional and single track events related to a particular trade thus the attendants are mostly identical in taste and trend. Their sense of humor may have different level but maturity is the common factor. It is not easy to play magical tricks to such intellectuals and educated crowd.

Most corporate magicians practice with the product itself before the show. The stage and the standing and or performing position of the corporate magicians should be such that the advertisement of the products is quite prominently visible. The show may be the mixture of standing and strolling performance.

Corporate Entertainment and Promotion

The corporate magicians should execute some magic tricks to the selected individuals as directed by the host for the sake of promotion. The magicians should allow the host to take the photographs occasionally to cover the whole event so that these may be used later for the purpose of advertisement of the product and the business. In addition the whole event may be shot and the video may also be used for promotion along with the photographs.

It is also important in corporate entertainment to select the right choice of magician from close up magician, wedding magician, trade show magician, comedy magician or party magician. Corporate comedy may not be suitable for some mature audience. One has to choose the right type of corporate magician in accordance to their product and the audience. Since the corporate magicians are usually performing at some sort of exhibition or seminar, they perform at the stage and rarely do any close up magic. The close up magician is usually active at private parties, wedding parties or kid’s functions at school or elsewhere.